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Thursday, 16 February 2012

About first day

That was the day I first saw you. Open hair, cute face, sweet smile and everything fine. 

As you walked by, people looked at you. I, admired you. 

While everyone talked about you, I heard them talk and picked out only the positive point and kept them near my heart, always.

As you talked, people struggled to understand, but me, struggled to hear your voice.

I remember the first time you saw me. Aww. How can I forget that! 

I remember out first chat on fb. As soon as you sent 'hi' I jumped around in happiness! (This was a secret)

I remember the first time I talked to you. It felt like some organ stopped responding. And later, I found it was my heart.

I remember how you gave me your number on asking once. Many others failed in that!

I remember the first time you texted me. I felt like "yippee"

I remember how we chatted for days and nights just asking anything and everything.

I remember the day you replied 'I love you' for 'I don't hate you'. 

I remember the day I met you somewhere out. It wasnt for long yet, it was long enough...